Wet/Dry Risers & Sprinklers

What is a Dry Riser?

A dry riser is a dry pipe that runs parallel through the building with outlets on each floor. The main inlet is commonly found on the ground floor, this is where the fire brigade connect their supply.

Buildings over 18 metres high will have dry or wet risers. A wet riser sustains constant water pressure at all times. Buildings over 60 metres high will have or will need wet risers.


In Buildings which have Dry Risers these must comply with the new British Standard BS 9990/2006.

If you do not comply with these regulations severe penalties may be incurred. It is the responsibility of the property owners or the managing agents to comply with these standards.


The annual testing and maintenance of both Dry and Wet Risers is the responsibility of the property owners or managing agents.

British Standard 9990/2006 recommends that the system is visually inspected every 6 months and serviced annually to ensure that the equipment is ready for immediate use in an emergency.

The wet test normally entails connecting the inlet to a pump & water supply using a fire engine. The system is then completely charged with water to a pressure of 10 bar measured at the inlet for a period of at least 15 min. During this period, an inspection of the system is made to check that no leakage of water is taking place at any of the joints or landing valves.

Both Wet/Dry Risers need to be maintained in line with current British Standards .which involves a bi annual visit by a fully certified engineer, after the maintenance program has been put in place a certificate will be issued for the facilities manager to hold on site.

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