Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection and warning is essential in protecting your building and employees under the “Duty of Care” from the devastating effects of a fire. Effective and reliable fire alarm systems can provide the time to facilitate the safe and swift evacuation of people.from the building Automatic Fire Detection is crucial in locating the source of the fire.and then making residents aware of the potential incident.

With a wide range of fire alarm system types and options, Ignite Fire & Safety Limited can offer sound and impartial advice on the most appropriate solutions for your company's individual fire safety needs.

Detection and warning systems offered by us include:

  • Manual Alarms
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • Analogue Addressable Alarms
  • Optical/Ionisation/Heat/Beam Detectors
  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Sounders/Beacons

Ignite fire & Safety Limited can carry out a decibel test/survey to determine the type of sounders, strobes and bells needed to meet site specific requirements.

Design of Fire Alarm Systems

Following a free fire safety survey and quotation, Ignite fire & Safety Limited can design, supply and commission a wide range of detection and warning equipment. All systems are designed to the strict guidelines of BS 5839 part 1 2002 and can be tailored to meet individual company requirements.

Our aim is easily explained…

To safeguard life and property

Ignite Fire & Safety Ltd design the necessary systems to all the relevant standards and for all categories of system, as follows:

BS5839 part 1:2002. Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. Code of Practice for system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance

BS5839 part 6:2004. Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. The Code of Practice for design, installation and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems in dwellings.

BS5839 part 8:1998. Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. The Code of Practice for design, installation and servicing of voice alarm systems.

BS6266:2002. Fire protection Code of Practice for electronic equipment installations

BS ISO 14520-1:2000. Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems. Physical properties and system design, general requirements.

Analogue addressable or conventional systems all can be designed, in consultation with the client and relevant authorities, to meet specific fire risk requirements.

Testing and Maintenance

Fire alarm systems should be tested weekly and maintained at least once per year (although it could be up to four times per year, depending on the type of business you have). We can take the hassle of organising this testing and maintenance regime away from you, thus helping you to fulfil your legal fire protection obligations.

Contact us for an informed fire alarm system quote now and we'll have you up and running fast.