Staff Training

Ignite Fire & Safety Ltd offer a variety of courses throughout the U.K if required including Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire Warden / Marshalling.

All staff training courses can be carried out at the clients place of work and can be tailor made to suit your specific company requirements.

Please see below to find out what our standard courses cover by highlighting the courses offered.

Duration of the courses run from 1 ½  hours up to 3 ½ hours and all participants on the courses will receive a Certificate of Competence.

All courses are run by one of our highly experienced and qualified instructors.

Please contact us to discuss in more detail any particular needs you may have for staff training.

Basic fire safety awareness

A basic source appropriate to the premises.

The course content is as follows:

  • Legislation
  • Theory of fire
  • Fire spread
  • Causes of fire
  • Good housekeeping
  • Actions in an emergency
  • Classification of extinguishers

Manual Handling

The aim of the course is to teach is to teach people how to lift properly to reduce the possibility of lift related injuries. The duration of this course is relative to the findings of the risk assessment.

The course content is as follows:

  • Background
    • Legislation
    • Cost
  • Human anatomy and Physiology
  • Mechanics of lifting
  • The principles of safe lifting and handling
  • Assessing the load, reducing the risk
  • Communication

Fire Marshal/Warden

A popular course designed to enhance the knowledge of key staff as Fire Marshals.

  • Facts and figures
  • Legislation
  • The principles of combustion
  • Provisions and protection
  • Human behaviour
  • The role of the Fire Marshal/Warden
  • Hazard spotting
  • Actions in an Emergency
  • Use of Extinguishers
  • Participants will receive a certificate

First Aid Appointed person

This course teaches participants to perform CPR and how to deal with different types of injuries, over a 6 hour period, that involves continual assessment throughout the day.

  • Assessing the incident
  • Priorities: Assessment of airway, breathing and circulation
  • When to send for help
  • Unconscious casualty
  • Resuscitation
  • Choking
  • Dealing with blood loss and shock
  • Burns and scalds
  • Fractures
  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Seizures
  • Reporting and recording of incidents as required by the HSE
  • Contents of HSE approved first aid kit

Participants will receive a certificate that is valid for three years

Fire Extinguisher training

This is a practical course where staff practice putting out fires in a controlled environment and is added to the Basic Fire Safety Awareness or Fire Marshal course.

First Aid at Work (4 Day)

This course covers the subjects recommended by the Health and Safety Executive.

The course content is as follows:

  • Priorities of First Aid
  • Managing an incident
  • Roles/Responsibilities of Employers and Employees for FAW
  • Care of an unconscious casualty
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Disorders of the airway
  • Dealing with bleed and shock
  • Causes of unconsciousness
  • Burns and scalds
  • Injuries to bones, muscles and joints
  • Poisoning
  • Recognition and management of major illnesses
  • Recognition of minor illnesses and appropriate action
  • Eye injuries
  • Miscellaneous injuries
  • Record keeping and accident reporting
  • Infection control
  • Communication and delegation in an emergency
  • Manage the transportation of a casualty

Participants will receive an HSE Approved certificate that is valid for three years.